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Immigration Rights Alert # 1 February 9 2015

Immigration Rights
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Immigration Rights
Alert # 3 February 9, 2015

If the IRS emails you about tax filing, it may be a scammer, not IRS

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I am honored and thrilled to be a part of this web page for many reasons, some of which I will explain in this column. During my 28 year tenure as an Assistant Attorney General, I came in contact with thousands of victims of scams that occurred in New York State and in our local community. The financial and emotional pain and loss to these individuals were substantial. In one case involving auto-financing fraud, the victim went to a local automobile dealer and agreed to purchase a late model vehicle at the cost of $25,000. The consumer then signed financing paperwork for the vehicle and drove off.  Upon receiving the bank-car loan coupon book, the consumer discovered for the first time that the dealer had submitted forged documents to the bank and the loan turned out to be twice the original purchase price of the vehicle -$50,000 loan instead of the original $25,000 loan that the consumer had agreed to finance. Helping this consumer to rectify the fraud was rewarding to me in that the consumer fraud team that I worked with prevented many from suffering the same fate.

There is no doubt in my mind that Scam Artists and unscrupulous business owners and possible employees and staff are operating in our community and making a good living. Scam Artists are very creative. They use current events as a guise to contact you to obtain your personal-financial information or convince you to wire them money to a foreign country which you will never recover.

 The main purpose of this page is to help you to empower yourself and to identify the “ red flags” that exist before you fall victim of a potential scam . We will  help you to  maneuver through the system, in the event that you fell victim or think that you fell victim to a scam. Elderly consumers are of special interest to me since they are the most vulnerable and fall victim to scam artists in larger numbers. This site will provide valuable tips and resources so that these terrible crimes against elderly consumers could be averted. Whatever the consumer or legal issue, I will attempt to provide clear direction and advice.

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